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What is your dream?


Accessible Websites, Mobile Applications,

Motion Control, Haptics, Custom Hardware,
Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Custom technology development services.

Accessible Websites

30% of the population have disabilities. Accessibility ensures that everyone is able to learn your message.

Website Content Accessible Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 compliant development services.

Mobile Applications

Android or iOS devices. We use Microsoft Xamarin and Unity 3D for multi-platform simplicity, with Azure and AWS cloud based data.

Motion Tracking Systems

Reality Controls uses our bespoke motion data tools for the most natural, accessible interface to technology.

Gesture Control

Control your dreams with a wave of the hand. Engage your customers with intuitive interaction.

body tracking

Need more than a hand? We develop full body tracking systems using Motion cameras and pocket sized sensors.

mixed reality

Take your customers on a journey to a virtual world, or show off your virtual product in the real world. Desktop and mobile development for Oculus Rift, Microsoft Hololens and Apple’s ARKit.

virtual reality

Increase engagement with a fully immersive virtual world for your customer to explore and interact with.

augmented reality

Better than life! Augmented reality enables you to bring your product designs into the real world.

Custom Hardware

Off-the-shelf components not cutting it for your project? We design, build and manage FCC/CA certification of custom sensors and other hardware when you need it.


Like magic, add physical feedback to your project to give your customer the most immersive experience.

ioT sensors

Custom Internet of Things sensors for user location tracking, proximity access, or anything you dream of!

We Make Your Dreams A Reality.